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Like humans, pets are exposed 24/7 to all sorts of pollutants. They are also, adversely effected by the same chemical toxins and environmental hazards including EMF emitted by our phones, devices, smart meters, routers, and other wireless electronic devices.

In Russia, for centuries, Shungite has been used to naturally heal animals!

There is lots of data and scientific studies confirming animals react very well to Shungite.

One of the well known facts about shungite water is pets really like how it tastes, and as a result drink more water. 

Scientific studies show Shungite kills a wide variety of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and can neutralize a significant number of toxins.

Shungite can relieve imbalances in the digestive and respiratory system and help joints and bones and because of its anti inflammatory properties it acts as a pain reliever too!

Detoxifying and cleansing their water will help your pets avoid and treat kidney or bladder disorders. 

Shungite Pet Collar with Paw Engraving

If your pet doesn’t wear a collar,  you can place Shungite stones in their bed under a cushion. Also, while stroking or massaging your pet,  holding a Shungite stone in your palm is said to have a healing and soothing effect, relieving muscles tension and easing inflammation.

We'd love to hear your feedback and stories of yours and your pets experience with shungite. 


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